Q: If I buy a repairable from you, do you fix it also? 

A:  We do not repair vehicles here, but we do have shops we connect you with if interested.

Q: Where do I get the parts to fix my vehicle?

A:  We have a professional parts department that can assist you in finding the parts you need to fix your vehicle, both new and used OEM parts and alternative parts.

Q: Do I pay sales tax when I buy a vehicle?

A: No, you only pay the purchase price of the vehicle here, you pay sales tax at your local courthouse.

Q: Can you ship my vehicle?

A: We have available local delivery. We can assist you in finding out of state shipping, the customer is responsible for all shipping charges.

Q: How do I pay for my purchase?

A: We accept local personal checks or cash. For over the phone purchases, we accept credit card down pmts, cashiers checks, money orders, or bank wire transfers. There is a 2% charge on credit card purchases over $2000. Titles are delivered when all funds have cleared.

Q: How often do you get new vehicles?

A: We get new vehicles in daily. You can sign up for e-mail notification when we get new inventory in.

Q: What does a salvage title mean?

A: Salvage titles are given for a number of reasons, depending on state statutes. All states have different criteria for the disclosure or branding of titles. Some vary by year, damage amount, or the situation of the accident. Vehicles can be determined a total loss not only by the amount of damage, but also with the combination of salvage return given by the salvage buyer and the cost of repair. Situations are always changing in regards to titling, so we encourage you to check out your local courthouse for title branding, be an aware buyer. We will disclose the branding info that we see on our title document and are not responsible for any previous branding, or the branding applied by your state agency.

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